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The security services of Aegis+ aim to provide security with discretion, professionalism, and precision. We aim to provide our clients with cutting-edge security measures, developed with the help of in-depth expertise in security, safety, and risk assessment. With a business philosophy based on first-class service to all our clients, we ensure that all our security services are designed to be concrete, reliable, and to safeguard your peace of mind.

Founder Of Aegis+

Jitendra Thakur

The founder of Aegis+ Security and Housekeeping services, Jitendra Thakur, having been a member of the Indian Navy, aims to instill the Indian Navy’s precision in defense into everyday private security. This vision is the reason for the conception of Aegis+ security agency. Being a part of the Indian Navy’s Communication Department, and having also actively participated in the 1965/71 War, Jitendra Thakur, has in-depth knowledge of security, safety and risk assessment. He also recognizes that today, the number of threats and risks are gradually increasing and that the security measures to counter such threats are mediocre. He therefore aims to revolutionize security standards by using his extensive knowledge in the field. His Navy-background also gives him the ability to train personnel thoroughly and correctly in order for safe, secure, and professional security services.

Aegis+ offers a variety of skillfully and professionally managed security services for various types of clients. We believe that no entity is too small, and are happy to fulfill the security needs for all. We take pride in our innovative surveillance expertise that delivers effective solutions to a wide variety of routine as well as violence-driven security challenges.

In addition to providing security, we also provide housekeeping services. Our housekeeping staff are well trained, professional and most importantly, trustworthy. They are dedicated and make sure your home or office is spotless. We also make it a point to use non-toxic cleaning materials, which are safe for everyone. Therefore, with the combination of skilled staff and good equipment, we can make your home or office a neat, clean and healthy environment.

Our Services

From housekeeping to integrated IP solutions, we have the right offering to cover your commercial and residential requirements regardless of the scope of work.

Security Services

Suspicious activities are always unpredictable. Therefore, at Aegis+, we focus on delivering end-to-end security services providing a complete security against occurrence of threats.

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Housekeeping Services

Cluttered home or workspace is neither productive, nor safe. That's why ensuring clean, safe and healthy premises of your home and workspace is a prerequisite for enchanting patrons.

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